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Retrica 6.0




We are excited to announce Retrica 6.0! A brand new Retrica – starting from the logo. We kept our signature vibrant orange color for the logo, notifications, and small details in the app, and a clean, minimal white for the background. Retrica 6.0 is much more intuitive too; it’s got a simple yet efficient design, with the addition of two very awaited features: private messaging a new feed tab. All you need from Retrica, minus the distractions.

The feed tab includes:

  • Following: Every user has the same importance for us, so we’ve made it so the Following feed shows all the photos, videos, and GIFs shared by people you are following, in reverse chronological order. No more FOMO everyone! We personally guarantee that our users are able to see all the posts shared from people they follow, without missing anything. No algorithm or secret group of engineers locked away in a server room will affect your views, likes and visibility.
  • For you: Here at Retrica we want to put on the spotlight the amazing and creative pictures, videos and gifs that you guys make! So we found the best of the best shared on our platform and built the For You feed, which shows you selfies handpicked by the Retrica team. The For You feed is there for inspiring you, for discovering new users, and for seeing what’s happening on Retrica at the moment at a glance.



The Retrica 6.0 Alert Tab contains our In-App private messaging feature. Now you can send direct messages to other users any time you want. Pretty great, right? Before the update we received many suggestions from our community, and we believe your opinions and ideas are the key to Retrica’s success, so here we are with this feature, which we already know many of you are going to love 🙂

Give it a try! You can find it at retrica.co/downlaod

As always, thank you for discovering and expressing yourself through Retrica. With this new update, it is going to be easier and even better! Everything you need in four tabs. The whole team hopes you will enjoy the new Retrica as much as we have been. Let us know what you think about it! We’re always here to listen and to help. Send us an email at feedback@retrica.co


Note: Also we’re sad to announce MyMemories cloud storage support will end soon. You can still access any and all of your MyMemories in this version until the end of September, 2018. Download any pictures you want to keep before then.

Interview with Volker – @daik277

Hey! It’s been a while since we last posted, but today we want to celebrate users that we think are dedicated and loyal to us. So here we are starting out with our first interview!

Volker (@daik777) is a German user and stood out for friending over 30,000 people, so many that our servers crashed because of him! 

We also found it interesting that though older than most our users, he was still active, and engaging with other members of the Community. He took and created some nice shots and we hope you can enjoy those and his point of view on Retrica and its Community. 


How did you meet Retrica? How long have you been there?

I guess it was early 2017 when I found the Retrica App on the App Store. I was looking for a photo editing app. I read reviews from several apps and what I read about Retrica made me curious. I downloaded it and I really like it. The first like I received was from @alperoguz, it made me very happy. I gave him many back!

What’s your favorite filter on Retrica and why?

Most often I use the “natural” filter, followed by the seasonal filters (« 47 », « Penny » for Halloween) and the flamingos and unicorn one. I also like the stickers that you can add to the photos. You can play for hours, especially like the flowers and the lettering “Retro”, but that also changes, there are also always new stickers added.

How would you describe the community of Retrica?

The Retrica community is a partial image of this world. You will find many very young people, children and adolescents, you will find many adults and some older people, which I will probably also belong to most of them, I am already 58 years old. But no matter how old you get, inside of us is always the child, teen and young adult you used to be.

But the light within us, it really does not matter how old the body of the other is, it is about the soul and there we are in contact with each other.

In most photos, you can see the joy of the people. And there are really millions of photos of people who are as beautiful as they are. Each and every one in his or her own way.

What are you most excited about?

When a user releases his first photos and I see that, I do not care if these pictures are works of art, I’m happy with the kid and give him or her likes. I still remember how happy I was about my own first like from @alperoguz and the hundreds, then thousands that came after. This is the reason why I want to give that joy to others as well.

You are a bit famous in our team because you found so many friends that you broke our server! Do you think yourself as Retrica famous?

This is funny. No, I don’t think of myself as a Retrica Famous.

I used the search function so I had at some point almost all the users as friends. I also realized that at some point it just became too many.  And then maybe I overdid it a bit, I spent a lot of time here on Retrica because I like to be here. Retrica is what I spend time on after reading or gardening. I’m also allowed to look after my mother, who just turned 89, and I’m glad she’s still pretty healthy for her age. It is a pleasure and a great honor for me to be there for her, giving her back some of the love and care she once gave me as a child. It is similar to Retrica with the Likes, if you give back what you got is also a pleasure and honor for everyone.

You can use our app better than some of our younger users. What do you think of the uploaded pictures?

Thank you for the kind words. I love the many photos, so I like to see them too. I try to look at all the photos of a user, from the latest to the first. This can sometimes take a while, but it’s worth doing. I like the normal pictures of people, I like to see a small part of their living environment. I really like the animal photos because I like animals. I like them alive and not as food. They are fellow creatures on this planet and can be valuable friends.

My pictures show me how I really am. I am an adult and yet a child. I like nature more than humans because nature and animals are more honest than most people. We also see it in the big politics that something goes terribly wrong on earth. Humankind is currently destroying its own livelihood and, unfortunately, much of nature’s livelihoods as well.

Are you following anyone who is super cool on Retrica that we may not know about?

The Lisa @lischen_nita has developed its own formal language in the interpretation of pieces of music.

I also like the photos of the woman ftm @xgd10 very much.

At the moment I think a lot is going on in Belgium as well. You can often find beautiful and very appealing photos of users from this country. Likewise, the people from the Netherlands show a beautiful joy and I like that.

The Ruby @colorful.koi sometimes explains how you like pictures, which could be interesting for many.

I also like art pictures. For example, if you go to my Top 50 Like list (just click on “Likes” on my profile) you will find the profile of Aga there. His nickname is @agaofficial

He has uploaded beautiful pictures. You should take a look. Incidentally, he is also one of those who now and then throw Likes around. I think that’s very nice and I thank him for thinking of me too.

The Melike @melike2312 gave me a lot of Likes, for which I’m grateful. In an upload, she also recalled the fate of Aslan Özgecan (Wikipedia link), who was once brutally murdered. Unfortunately, too many bad things still happen on our planet today. And too many are looking away.

Thanks for your time! We’ll see you in Retrica 🙂

Thanks for your questions.


Oh and we wanted to wish a happy birthday to your Mother!


– Team Retrica

Retrica Content Design


Hello!👋 My name is Mira and I am the content designer here at Retrica.

Retrica’s content is made of stickers/stamps🎁 and filters🌈.


After taking a picture/video/GIF with Retrica, you will be redirect to the editing page, or as we call it, “Decorica”. While editing you can crop the content, add stickers, doodles and/or text.

In addition to it, you can add what makes pictures taken with Retrica unique, our Stamps! Stamps are Retrica’s signature, you can choose between logo stamps, weather stamps or username stamps.


Retrica stickers are made by our illustrator, @Megan. Every months she draws and design new filters for all our users.-> If you have any good idea or request about stickers you can directly send an email to Megan, at megan@retrica.co



Next are filters!




Filters are the first things that come up in mind when thinking about Retrica: we offer 158 different filters for free to everyone!


Simply just scroll until the end all the filter thumbnails to arrive at the Filter Manage button. If you click on it you can discover other filters and manage the way the filters will be shown in the  app: show only your favorites!

This year we have released a wide range of filters, from the Bestie filter packs (Natural, Fab, Cutie, Boo, Chill and TBH) to our new filter pack for the Winter holidays: New Yule (2018, Carol, Rudolf, B-tree)! I made all those filter packs and took care of all the tiny details, from creating the filter until choosing filters names. If you also have any good idea or request about filters you can directly send an email to @Mira, at mira@retrica.co


Next year we will have a new Creative Designer for more challenges.

If you want to become the next Retrica Creative Designer, apply here  👉 https://retrica.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=31

Any question? Please email us! hello@retrica.co

New Yule

Introducing Retrica’s new filter pack for the winter season: New Yule! This filter pack contains four new filters called 2018, Carol, Rudolf and B-tree.

The new filters are especially designed for the upcoming holidays and for the whole winter! The funny designs and face masks will boost your selfies, especially if taken with your friends and family.


Upload pictures, video and GIFs using the new filters on Retrica and show us your best shoot. The best ones will get featured.

Share the love and happy holidays,

Retrica team


Any Questions? Please email us! hello@retrica.co

Heart or Not?



Retrica team is excited to introduce you a new feature: Heart or Not. We want to give the possibility to our users to discover new people and make new friends. Every day you will receive new potential friends, it is up to you to decide whether to like them: are they hot or not?

It is very simple, just swipe right if they are Hot or left if they are Not. Log in and post selfies everyday in order to become part of Heart or Not feature.


Hurry up and check your matches for today, a new friend might be around the corner!

💚Android: https://goo.gl/EXuExq

🍏iOS: https://goo.gl/5RPywc

Share the love,

Retrica team


Any Questions? Please email us! hello@retrica.co

It’s time to Squad!



Today we are announcing a new way to interact in our platform.

Squad is the best place where to meet new friends with your common interests in Retrica. Everyone can make their own squad or join an existing squad. It works very simply: join a squad and find dozens of people who would like to be just your friend! If among all the squads you cannot find your right one, just create a new one!

There is no limit to creativity.

💚Android: https://goo.gl/EXuExq

🍏iOS: https://goo.gl/5RPywc

Connect to other,

Retrica Inc.



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