Every second 9 photos are taken with the Chic filter pack

The Retrica filter that started it all – Start to love and show yourself

As of December 2019, Retrica’s Chic filter package has been used to take over 1.2 trillion photos! That means, on average, 9 photos are taken every second with Retrica’s Chic filter pack.

The 10 awesome filters in the Chic filter pack established Retrica as the “selfie app”, and allowed Retrica to gain worldwide recognition.  

Photographed by @gabrielle2107, posted on Retrica Inspiration

Millennials loved Retrica as their representative “selfie app,” when selfies had begun to trend widely. The Chic pack was created by the Retrica team’s desire to encapsulate users’ creative flow. Retrica wanted to empower users to put their best selves forward. 

The Chic pack consists of filters that enable users to take modern and stylish selfies.  

I’d like to highlight these 3 filters in this article: New Tan, i., and Eastern.

The New Tan filter works well for outdoorsy photos, and for those who want to appear lively. The tanned color on the filter gives photos a sunkissed impression that is loved by many users. 

The i. filter is one of Retrica’s most ambitious filters, gaining reputation in the photography category on app markets including Google Play and the App Store. Its distinguishable color impression attracted global users to take selfies for the first time ever. 

The Eastern filter emulates morning sunlight. It enhances blue and gold tones. The filter brings a nostalgic feel to photos. Allow the Eastern filter to show off your prime.  

What are some memories that you’ve managed to capture with the Chic filter pack? Basking in the sunlight on a vacation while using the New Tan filter? Or how about standing out in the crowd with the i. filter? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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If you want to see more inspiring photos, tap Retrica now!


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