Univisium – Brings a 60’s-70’s Filmic Vibe on your photo

The Univisium is a universal 35mm film format for a theatrical and television film with an aspect ratio of 2:1. The Univisium filter pack shows the unique cachet of 2:1 aspect ratio and includes 3 filters.

The Romedy filter takes a romantic comedy vibe, which is everyone’s favorite genre, which adds a lovely and romantic atmosphere.

The Fiction filter gives a characterful color to add a pinch of wit.

Lastly, The Memoir filter delivers a deep and calm color that helps to take an enriched emotion in the photo.

You can try the Univisium filter pack only at Retrica.

Here’s a tip for the Best Experience
1. Set the screen ratio to 2:1
2. Add an extra feature such as Zoom blur, grain or vignette to find your own style


– How to turn on the Zoom blur?

Retrica provides 2 types of blur. When you tap the blur icon(a water drop-saped icon), a normal blur would be applied. Tap the icon again, then the zoom blur would be presented.

– How to add the Grain?

The grain feature adds some particle or little bit of noise on your photo. The grain feature will bring a lo-fi vibe. To turn on the grain, tap a circle-shaped icon with dots

– How to control the Vignette?

Retrica offers the vignette feature with 3 level. A number shown in the box is presented its strength. 1 shows the weakest, and 3 shows the strongest. Please try the vignette to find your taste!

Please note the Univisium filter pack is included in the Retrica Premium.

If you want to meet Retrica,
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If you want to share your amazing photo that took by Univisium with other Retricans,
please leave your Retrica ID or social media(including Instagram) posting url at the comment 🙂


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