Simple, Snappy and Easy

If you want to keep your valuable things with time, but with a little bit special way, Tilde would be your key.

Let’s tilde to accent your moment 🙂

Tilde is simple!

When you meet Tilde, It is simple to start to tilde.

Tap + button to write a title and select a canvas as you want.
You can change the title anytime!

Tilde is snappy!

Once you make your canvas, just tap the camera button to tilde.
It’s the same as taking a photo, but your result will be a video!
Tilde takes a short video for 1 sec!
If you take 60 tildes, you would have a video for 1 min.

Tilde is easy!

If you want to edit your tilde, just tap your canvas.
You can see all clips included the canvas.
Once you long-press a clip you want to edit, clips roll from side to side slightly. You can change the clips’ order or delete a clip to edit the video as you want.

If you want to add a photo to your canvas, tap the blue camera icon at the end of the clip.

Here is my tilde!

Let me show yours!
Post your tilde on the Instagram tagging with #bytilde

Wanna be a Tilder?
Download Tilde on the App Store

As of Nov 2019,
Tilde is available only for iPhone