Add new colors to unfold what’s right before your eyes

Have you tried these Retrica filters, the hottest app for colors?

Best three filters in Retrica – Special filters add new colors to unfold what’s right before your eyes

Retrica was my final choice after extensively testing various camera apps. Retrica focuses on research into lights and colors to fully capture the feels and experiences that you get from sights that meet the eye. Maybe this is why the color impressions of the filters are not just meant to make pictures look pretty; rather, they are perfect to express special emotions and memories of the moment.

For example, what comes to mind when you hear the word “morning”? It is usually filled with a bright, cheerful and milky-white light. For me, the morning is hazy and drowsy but sweet as it makes me feel like staying a little longer in bed. Can I express such emotions with one filter? No day copies yesterday. Just like this poetic truth, Retrica enables me to express new emotions, memories, and perspectives every day, and the color expressions Retrica creates always touches a chord in my heart. Today, I’ll introduce three filters that create atmospheres unique to Retrica by focusing on specific colors – Boom, Audrey and Ava.

Boom – the Yellow that wanted to be purple

The Boom filter tops the list of my recommendations. Of course, I have used it so many times. I apply different filters to the viewfinder as I slide through them, and that intense color I get when I tap on the Boom filter! The Boom filter gives me the impression that a blue paint was thinly spread on the photo and then a yellow paint was applied over it. Let me try to describe the harmony of blue and yellow created by the filter. It is as if the blue color creates a vintage atmosphere, with yellow raising the overall color temperature, and then the heavy but vibrant breathing of a sprinter who has just finished a 100-meter race is breathed in.

This is why pictures come out very placid, vivid or vintage depending on how you use the Boom filter. Say, you wake up in the morning, with your eyes half-closed and think about your dream last night. Take a picture of this moment using the Boom filter, and the picture captures the feelings, as they are, that you have in this morning when you feel like you are between sleep and awake.

Shared bookstore in Huam-dong , Seoul
<Left – regular camera photo, right – Boom filter applied >

The filter also adds the temperature of an afternoon heating up a corner of the city to an image of a well-organized bookstore. What is interesting about this is that the atmosphere of the bookstore changes as you adjust the filter intensity.

Tap to select a filter on the viewfinder and tap the filter button once again. Then a sliding bar for changing the filter intensity will appear. Using this slider, you can adjust the color impression of the filter. I adjusted the intensity to about half and applied it to the same image of the bookstore. The photo was completed with a calm and placid feel, giving the impression that it was colored tenderly in shades of blue and yellow.

Audrey – all into the freshness of green

Even the name of the filter is lovely. At first, I thought Audrey was a black-and-white filter. I figured that it aimed to replicate the classy black-and-white look and feel, just like black-and-white movies when Audrey Hepburn was in her prime. However, I learned to appreciate the true value of this filter when I took a picture of a pencil holder by chance.

< Audrey filter applied >

The Audrey filter makes green greener and reduces the saturation of all other colors. It is a unique and mysterious filter that breathes life only into the green color in a world of black and white.

A stray cat I met during my trip to Taiwan.
<Left – regular camera photo, right – Audrey filter applied>

I put the Audrey filter on the picture of a stray cat that I took at a temple in Taiwan a few months ago. In the original picture, the colorful background surrounding the cat is quite distracting, whereas the Audrey version is calm in black and white, with only the grass by the cat glowing in bluish green. A single filter completely changes the overall atmosphere of the picture, making it look calm and sensuous.

Come to think of it, the Audrey highlights green colors, so it would be perfect for taking pictures, from behind, of your boy or girl friend sitting on a bench or walking amid small trees in a park on a summer day clothed in fresh green leaves. Maybe I should go out this weekend and take effing cool pictures with the Audrey filter. Yes, I should.

Ava – reset the atmosphere with an attractive red

Now I’d like to introduce Ava, a similar filter to Audrey. While Audrey focuses on green, Ava concentrates on red. Among all the colors that I can see with my eyes, Ava focuses on red colors and tones down all the others. I took a picture of a red hand mirror on a desk, and I could tell, with one glance, how powerful the Ava filter could be.

< Ava filter applied >

One day, I happened to be sitting in a café in my neighborhood, wearing a red checkered dress. So I decided to try the Ava filter. The slightly tanned back of my hand, Americano in a plain glass, the checkered pattern of my dress that may look like a table cloth…… Ava transformed them into a picture that tells a story. Can I say this is Ava’s magic? The insignificant photo did not seem to have much substance. Once the filter changes its color impressions, however, the photo is suddenly given a new character: A unique atmosphere is created, with all the unnecessities neatly out of focus, as if time has stopped in the picture.

In a café near my house.
<Left – regular camera photo, right – Ava filter applied >

As ways of making the most of the Ava filter, I recommend that you put on a vivid red lipstick before taking a selfie or take pictures of interior accessories or gifts spiced up with a red color. I am sure that the filter will go a long way towards recording the memory and atmosphere of the moment vividly.

Retrica unveiled new filters through a recent update. Among the new filters, the blue-oriented Mist filter does a great job emphasizing the delicate and subtle blueness. Retrica keeps releasing new filters emphasizing specific colors. This means that there will be no end to our photo journeys with Retrica.