Rich and special moments of editing – Retrica features (4)

Retrica delivers rich and special moments of editing every day.

Bring up photos from your album and edit them in new styles

Manual Save offers a variety of choices in editing effects.

Real-time editing is one of Retrica’s strengths as it allows you to select filters or edit pictures while framing them through the viewfinder. The intuitive way of editing and shooting pictures in real time is a lot more attractive than having to go through the whole process of taking, saving, and then editing pictures.

<Manual Save allows you to use various types of stamps.>

Nevertheless, sometimes you feel like taking time to fancy up your pictures. Then, why not bring up the pictures that you took before using Retrica and transform them into unique pictures? Retrica offers an editing approach that is just right for those of you who get indecisive when it comes to selecting filters and effects. How can you find it in Retrica? Let me walk you through it, starting now. Please follow me step by step.

Open up your old pictures and work some magic on them!

There are moments when I get frustrated with myself from the past. Now it’s so simple with one filter or one editing button in Retrica, but in my pre-Retrica days, I used to touch up pictures in Photoshop, one by one, or run searches to teach myself how to edit them. A very long time ago, I even created filters for myself. As I look back on those distant days, a feeling of frustration sweeps over me.

Since I started using Retrica, it has become my hobby to edit photos in my spare time. Indeed, it is Retrica’s real-time editing features that shine through, but the versatile photo app also enables you to edit any pictures at your convenience as long as they are saved in your mobile phone. If you have photos in your phone that you took with a regular phone camera or digital camera, why don’t you call them up into Retrica?

Let’s press that mountain-in-a-circle icon next to the shutter button in Retrica. For me, it looks just like a mountain, but for others, it could be an icon for files. Tap on this icon, and all the pictures saved in my phone are listed. I tap on one of them, which is a picture of wine bottles that I took at a restaurant I visited last fall, and it comes up on the editing screen.

Once a photo is brought onto the editing screen, you can play with a total of four features: Filters, blurring, vignetting and rotating, from left to right. Also, you have only to slide the picture part of the screen to the left or right to select another picture for editing from the album. So you don’t have to jump into different places just to change pictures.

<Filter application, vignetting, rotating >

In this picture, empty wine bottles are lined on the top of the wall. As there are particularly many red bottle caps, I applied the Ava filter, which emphasizes the red color while reducing the saturations of all the other colors. I could adjust the intensity by pressing the filter button once more, but I didn’t do it on purpose, because Ava is meant to highlight a specific color. I did not blur the photo, either as I wanted to capture the entire photo. Instead, I applied Vignette Level 1 to make the edges darker. I clicked on Rotate, too, to see what happened.

I compared the edited version with the original photo. Unlike the original, which gives off a fresh and clear feel, the new version is completed with a sensuous and sentimental vibe. Retrica works magic, turning a moment on a fresh early autumn day into a unique moment on a ripe autumn day.

Convenient Automatic Save, Colorful Manual Save

Now, I’d like to introduce Retrica’s editing features that give colorful effects to your pictures. Try pressing the Save icon located at the right side of the bottom. If “x” comes up at the bottom-right corner of the icon, it means that you are in the Manual Save mode. Automatic Save is very convenient as you can take pictures using filters and the eight effects available in the bottom button bar and save them immediately. On the other hand, Manual Save has the advantage of offering exquisite and colorful photo editing features, although it may take longer to create edited versions.

If you set Retrica to Manual Save and then press the shutter button, the editing screen will come straight up. At the top right, five editing buttons are in line. At the far right, you will find the Stamp button. While five different stamps are available in the Automatic Save mode, you can use a total of 85 stamps under five categories in the Manual Save mode. I tried a filter stamp, which automatically put the name of the filter I used on the picture.

Press the Pen-shaped button next to the Stamp, and you can draw lines by touching the screen with your finger. You can select the color and thickness of line. The Aa icon in the middle is, as you have guessed, a button for keying in text. You can write on pictures in colors you want. The Smile button to the left of the Text button is for stickers. There are a huge number of stickers grouped under 15 categories. As a matter of fact, there are really so many stickers that it would take you years to use them all! 

The Scissors button at the far left allows you to cut pictures. If you want to cut part of a photo into a sticker, tap on the Scissors button and slither over the desired photo with your finger to cut out stickers. You can create stickers from people, puppy faces or your favorite things and put them here and there – wherever you want.

<Sparkle filter applied>

Manual Save allows you to bring up old pictures for editing and provides diverse editing options that create richer effects than expected. It may take longer and requires more care than Real-Time Save, but its diverse editing options are valuable feature that are really worth trying.