Knock Knock, Retrica is here!

Hi, Retrican!

Please meet the New Retrica!

Retrica is ready to expand an angle from your face to your space. 

We believe every experience is comes from a space

When you are captured by experiences including a spectacular space, delicious brunch or happy face of loved ones, You would take the scene with your camera. 

Please discover Retrica’s new bringing for you! 

Colorful, lightful, you might dream of it

The new Retrica offers you a variety of colors and lights with 190+ filters to help you to take a space experience with perfect shade and mood. 

Try to discover your favorite filter and take a photo with it. It would be fantastic experience to grab your space! 

Create your own style, It is easy with Retrica!

Retrica provides splendid features to enhance your space.

You can control several features including aspect ratios from 9:16 to 2:1, blur with 2 steps, vignette with 3 steps, turning on/off grains and flash. 

Why don’t you find your perfect combination to keep your scene? Retrica will become your best partner for taking photo again! 

You will be inspired at Retrica’s Inspiration

Retrica proudly present ‘Inspiration’ to share other Retrican’s view to give you a hint for photo-taking. 

Individual and interesting photos give you an inspiration, Retrica believes 🙂

You also can find some clue to find Easter eggs of Retrica at ‘Insight’, Please explore! 

The ‘Insight’ is located at the upper-left corner.

Let me tell you something, this is secret between you and me..

Retrica will share a story with who has an extraordinary insight on colors and lights. 

If you want to catch a first seat for next trend, Retrica’s secret project would fit for you. 

Although We cannot unveil the name and detail the project yet, please keep your eyes on us!