✨RicaRica – bling bling


RicaRica adds fireworks in your Sparkling jewels, Glitter-coated dress, and Shimmery nails.

With 8 crazy glitters, RicaRica will turn your pictures in a real disco ball

It comes with 3 free glitters: Original, Bliss and Delight.

We made it super easy to unlock 2 extra glitters: Onyx will unlock after you follow us on Instagram. For Diamond and Ruby, just share RicaRica with your friends!


With RicaRica, you can enjoy these features:

Glare Glitters: 8 magical filters for your videos and photos. Scroll up and down to adjust the intensity of the glares! Video are up to 15s.

Three different ratio to choose from: 1:1 square size, 4:3 size and 16:9 full screen.

Zoom function: simply pinch the screen with your finger to zoom in/out.

Flash: use the rear flash to take shots in case of low light!

Manuability: double tap to change rear/front camera, one tap to focus the camera. Switch left and right to change glitter!

Just as simple as that.


💚Android: https://goo.gl/xArSUZ

🍏iOS: https://goo.gl/qPN18u


Need some help? Got feedback? Have an idea?

Send us an email at contact+rica@retrica.co . We answer each email personally and quickly.