Hello!👋 My name is Mira and I am the content designer here at Retrica.

Retrica’s content is made of stickers/stamps🎁 and filters🌈.


After taking a picture/video/GIF with Retrica, you will be redirect to the editing page, or as we call it, “Decorica”. While editing you can crop the content, add stickers, doodles and/or text.

In addition to it, you can add what makes pictures taken with Retrica unique, our Stamps! Stamps are Retrica’s signature, you can choose between logo stamps, weather stamps or username stamps.


Retrica stickers are made by our illustrator, @Megan. Every months she draws and design new filters for all our users.-> If you have any good idea or request about stickers you can directly send an email to Megan, at megan@retrica.co



Next are filters!




Filters are the first things that come up in mind when thinking about Retrica: we offer 158 different filters for free to everyone!


Simply just scroll until the end all the filter thumbnails to arrive at the Filter Manage button. If you click on it you can discover other filters and manage the way the filters will be shown in the  app: show only your favorites!

This year we have released a wide range of filters, from the Bestie filter packs (Natural, Fab, Cutie, Boo, Chill and TBH) to our new filter pack for the Winter holidays: New Yule (2018, Carol, Rudolf, B-tree)! I made all those filter packs and took care of all the tiny details, from creating the filter until choosing filters names. If you also have any good idea or request about filters you can directly send an email to @Mira, at mira@retrica.co


Next year we will have a new Creative Designer for more challenges.

If you want to become the next Retrica Creative Designer, apply here  👉 https://retrica.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=31

Any question? Please email us! hello@retrica.co