Introducing the Android Team of Retrica: Aren and Bob!


Great to meet you Aren! How long have you been working at Retrica Inc.?

It has been almost two years since I became part of the amazing Retrica team. When I first arrive there were 9 people including me, I was the first android developer. My previous job as a developer was in a company called Think Reals, where I met Allan, Retrica’s server developer, he first introduced me to Retrica, and I thought it could be an exciting job opportunity for me: turned out it is!

Tell us more about your background! How did you become an Android developer?

I have always been interested in computer and math and I started coding in 2010, one year after my entrance at the department of Computer Science andEngineering at POSTECH (포스텍, Pohang University of Science and Technology).Truthfully, since I was a student I couldn’t afford Mac products therefore I started developing on Windows. Now I use a MacBook at work, but I still prefer Android!  In the future I would like to learn graphics, and image processing.


What is the greatest event that happened in Retrica?

Since April, the Android team gained a new member, Bob. Not being the only Android Developer anymore and have someone to share the workload and the same passion is the greatest event that could have happened. Bob is funny and energetic, and he makes the work environment more enjoyable. I can definitely say that I found a good friend in him.


Hi Bob! What is your typical day here at Retrica?

Hi guys, I am the Android developer of Discovery. Usually the first thing I do when I arrive at work is to check the coding I have done the day before and control if everything is fine. After I set up a To-Do List and discuss about it with my team. If everyone agrees I share my plan during the Daily (our company daily meeting) then after it starts the fun: coding and make Retrica come true.


Why did you decide to apply for Retrica’s job position?

Nice question. First of all for the variety of work this company offers, I can challenge myself with different coding and different area of the app that needs to be created. In addition, Retrica is a well know app and the result of my job is useful for million users: one second of my work is valuable for 1000 people, only by thinking about it I get goosebumps! For example after Retrica 5.0 came out, seeing people using Discover well and having fun in our platform made me very proud. I use Discovery too!

How is working with Aren?

Aren is one the best developer I have ever met, he knows very deeply about Android and he is very passionate about his work. We get well together, it is like working and having fun together with a friend, especially because Aren is surprisingly very humorous.

Aren and Bob, what would you like to say to our Android users?

Guys, use Discover and let us know how is your experience! If you have any trouble, suggestion or interest in this field send us an email! We will happily reply back to you.

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