A secret for capturing memories splendidly

Light-adjusted black-and-white photos
Capturing an instant in time by adjusting “light,” which is key to great black-and-white photography

Light, color and composition are considered as important factors in photography, but it’s complicated and time-consuming to take photos, looking through the Viewfinder and thinking about all the three elements.

This is why I want to share today a good tip for producing great photos by taking advantage of light. Suppose that you have found a place full of light with a source that gives off a strong light (which can be used as a point light) on a bright sunny day. Arm yourself with Retrica’s black and white filters and get started to shoot! Black-and-white photos shot with light adjusted appropriately will make splendid records of your days.

<Infrared filter applied >

Want to take people photos that you will treasure like jewels? Shoot in black and white.

Among more than 190 filters available in Retrica, there are many black-and-white filters to use, including the Silver filter package. The Silver pack consists of 10 black-and-white filters. Try using each from the pack, one by one, and you will see that all 10 of them produce different temperatures and textures.

Some filters give you a stark contrast between black and white, while others express black more softly. You can take black-and-white pictures with a classic vibe or a vintage feel. When you feel like taking rich black-and-white photos, the Silver filter pack comes in handy.

Need an example? The picture above was taken using a filter from the Silver pack. The classic elegance of the old couple is accentuated by the striking contrast between black and white. Don’t you agree that this people photo is great because the surroundings of the couple are covered in the dark while a strong light is cast upon them? There may actually be a store, vending machine or other common street artifacts in the space covered in black, but using a black-and-white filter and light, you can clearly cut and leave only what you want to show in your picture.

Here is another picture taken with a filter from the Silver pack – two women absorbing the blazing sun at the beach. The ambience of the beach on this day – languor from the pouring sunlight, a cool breeze from the sea, and comfortable quiet as there is no crowd – could be captured as it was because the photo was shot in black and white. While the photo of the old couple has the appeal of stark contrast and classic elegance, this one eloquently delivers a vintage and soft feel.

In photos shared on Retrica’s Inspiration, you can easily find great black-and-white portraits like the two. When light is flooding in, why not press the shutter to shoot unaffected and honest moments of yourself or friends in black and white. I am sure that you will produce a great album of black-and-white pictures with more profound emotions than usual.

Black and white, the secret for recording a dream-like space and experience

The secret for taking place photos that are as wonderful as people photos also lies in black and white. Aside from the Silver pack, black-and-white filters are also available in other filter packs, offering a chance to experience a really great diversity of black-and-white pictures.

Black-and-white filters shine through when you want to photograph scenery and space. Try shooting a place or scene under pouring light or with subdued light, and you will certainly leave behind a unique, dreamy picture from which you can’t tell the time of day.

As I was looking at the black-and-white picture shared by @sabrina.2005, I got really curious about where this antique building and square were located and felt an urge to take a trip right away to take pictures there. As it was shot in black and white, the photograph gives off a unique ambience where you can’t even guess how much time has passed in this place and what kind of history it has.

The photographer who took this picture posted by @iskro779 has a perfect sense of photography. The silhouette of a figure caught between the trees and the pale light from the sunset is captured gracefully in the picture. It strikes me as more dreamy and lonely because I can’t tell what is hidden in the black.

The dark black in a black-and-white picture my cover some details, but it can also create a mysterious atmosphere and make what is exposed by light more splendid. Black-and-white photography! It has a mysterious power to emphasize the appeal of the subject while cloaking unnecessary details in the dark.

It is easier than you may think to make sure that a special and beautiful memory at a light-saturated moment is captured and recorded. Turn on the Retrica app, select a black-and-white filter, and press the shutter. That’s more than enough.

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