Greetings Retricans!

It has almost been a month since we launched Retrica Discover in version 5.0. It’s crazy how time flies!

Since launch, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of photos and likes from Retricans all over the world. To celebrate our first month, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on our top ten Retricans for the month of August.

g_soccer25 | United States on Messenger 1.0 

alexisvarera2002 | United States on Messenger 1.0  

klejdis | Albania on LG G5

ro669 | Romania on LG G5 

dilay_104 | Turkey on LG G5 

There you have it! Congratulations to our top five.

If you’d like to improve your chances of making next month’s list, take a look at our first installment of ‘Retrica Selfie School‘ and make sure you have the basics of a good selfie down. Good luck and see you next month!

– Team Retrica