Hey Retricans!

Since our launch in 2012, user experience has been one of our top priorities that have helped us grow. Your feedback has been the backbone of how Retrica changed over the last five years.

Thanks to you, we are proud to announce that we’ve just hit over 6 million reviews! That’s the most any dedicated selfie app has EVER received.

We want what you want. So, we read and re-read every single comment on the App Store and Google Play.

Our latest Filters, Decoration tools (Stickers, Stamps, Doodle, and Text), My Memories, and now Discover, give you the power to create and connect with each other across the world.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a big increase in activity from India and a huge surge of new users from Brazil, Italy, Russia, and Turkey.

But no matter where you’re from, we thank you for your continued support and feedback. It’s because of you Retrica has become what it is today.

If there’s a feature that you would like to see, let us know by leaving a review on your platform of choice:

App Store | Google Play

Here’s to the next 6 million reviews, and let’s discover more together.

– Team Retrica