Taking the perfect selfie can be…daunting. There are so many options when it comes to angles, lighting, filters…the list goes on.

At Retrica, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘Selfie Experts’ and for good reason! Retricans take over 80 million selfies every day!

To help you capture the ‘perfect selfie, we asked Mira and Adele from the design department for their thoughts on what makes a good selfie. With their tips and tricks, you too can tear up the Retrica featured user charts.



Mira: One of the easiest and most important things when it comes to taking a good selfie, or photo in general, is getting the lighting right. First, find your main source of light. If it’s behind you, you could end up with a dark silhouette and a very bright background. If you face directly into the light, you may be left with a very blown out image.

The trick is to find a light source that isn’t too strong and doesn’t dominate your picture. The ‘golden hour’ (just after the sun rises or is about to set) is the perfect time to capture light that won’t overpower your selfies. Also, try to face a natural light from a large window or office lights that aren’t directly overhead.

Angles and Pose!

Adele: Like every other good selfie-taker, I know how to capture my ‘good side’. My first tip is for you to experiment with both sides of your face angled toward the camera. Pay attention to your jawline, too. ‘Popping’ it in or out can drastically change the shape of your face on camera.

The height of the camera can also draw attention to different parts of your face. Just be careful to not go too high or too low and be creative about your angles!

So experiment and have fun! Eventually, you’ll find ‘your pose’ and be able to bust it out at any time and be confident in how you’ll come out.

Use Filters to Your Advantage 

Mira: This is a big one that’s easy to miss! Retrica is a great tool that can spice up any selfie in seconds. But, did you know that each filter can be ‘tuned’ when it comes to how much effect it has on a picture?

I think it’s always worth experimenting with the amount a filter is applied to a photo. Especially if the lighting in your picture is already good. A slight overlay from a filter can add a final level of polish to an already strong photo.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you found something new in our tips for the modern 2017 selfie taker. Did we miss something? Submit your tips and examples to info@retrica.co with some before/after pics and we’ll be happy to feature you!

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