We are excited to announce Retrica 6.0! A brand new Retrica – starting from the logo. We kept our signature vibrant orange color for the logo, notifications, and small details in the app, and a clean, minimal white for the background. Retrica 6.0 is much more intuitive too; it’s got a simple yet efficient design, with the addition of two very awaited features: private messaging a new feed tab. All you need from Retrica, minus the distractions.

The feed tab includes:

  • Following: Every user has the same importance for us, so we’ve made it so the Following feed shows all the photos, videos, and GIFs shared by people you are following, in reverse chronological order. No more FOMO everyone! We personally guarantee that our users are able to see all the posts shared from people they follow, without missing anything. No algorithm or secret group of engineers locked away in a server room will affect your views, likes and visibility.
  • For you: Here at Retrica we want to put on the spotlight the amazing and creative pictures, videos and gifs that you guys make! So we found the best of the best shared on our platform and built the For You feed, which shows you selfies handpicked by the Retrica team. The For You feed is there for inspiring you, for discovering new users, and for seeing what’s happening on Retrica at the moment at a glance.



The Retrica 6.0 Alert Tab contains our In-App private messaging feature. Now you can send direct messages to other users any time you want. Pretty great, right? Before the update we received many suggestions from our community, and we believe your opinions and ideas are the key to Retrica’s success, so here we are with this feature, which we already know many of you are going to love 🙂

Give it a try! You can find it at retrica.co/downlaod

As always, thank you for discovering and expressing yourself through Retrica. With this new update, it is going to be easier and even better! Everything you need in four tabs. The whole team hopes you will enjoy the new Retrica as much as we have been. Let us know what you think about it! We’re always here to listen and to help. Send us an email at feedback@retrica.co


Note: Also we’re sad to announce MyMemories cloud storage support will end soon. You can still access any and all of your MyMemories in this version until the end of September, 2018. Download any pictures you want to keep before then.