Greetings Retricans!

Since Discover launched, we’ve seen you use it to connect and make friends from all corners of the world. As these friendships developed, it became more and more important to get the attention of one or more friends at a time.

So put down those signs, Mention is here!


What is @Mention?

Mentions are a great way to get the attention of someone on your friends list when you have a special message for them.

Mentioning someone makes their Retrica Discover @username a link to their profile. Tapping it once brings up a brief summary of their account and a second tap takes you to their profile.

When you mention a friend in a post, they’ll receive a notification so they can view and reply to your picture instantly.


Here’s how to Menton on Retrica Discover


     It has always been our goal to make Retrica the simplest way to take photos, filter them and share online. With mentions, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect and share your special moments with those who matter the most.

– Team Retrica