Hi there! 안녕하세요! I’m Ron and I’m a UI and UX designer at Retrica!

My main role at Retrica is to look at how you use the app and make sure that using Retrica simple, intuitive, and most importantly, fun!

At Retrica a “normal” day doesn’t really happen too often. As a fast growing startup, working at Retrica requires everyone to wear multiple hats and be ready to jump on new tasks as they come up. Over the course of the day, I am assigned to a variety of ‘core’ tasks but things are usually pretty flexible.

To give you a better idea of how everything comes together, here’s a breakdown of my day during our latest Retrica New Version launch.


Morning Commute: 8:30 am

Commuting in Seoul is incredibly convenient. During rush hour, trains reliably arrive every 2 to 5 minutes. My commute in the morning is long and clocks in at just over an hour, but I’m usually lucky enough to get a seat and catch up on sleep on the commute into the office.

Our office is located at Samsung station a three-minute walk from exit 4

Fun Fact #1: Our office is often mistaken by pedestrians as a café. In order to deter any unexpected visitors we have a sign in front of the door that reads “We Are Not a Café!”

After making my coffee I make my way up the stairs to the second floor where my desk and the rest of the team are located.


Team Meeting: 11:40 am

Every morning we have a big team meeting where everyone comes together to share what they’re working on and what’s coming up.

Some employees aren’t native Korean speakers which leads to some funny translation and communication slip-ups!



Work: 10 am – 12 pm

The biggest agenda for today is the launch of our New Retrica version. My main goal is to make some last minute changes, stamp out any bugs and have the design ready to launch by the end of the day. Lots to do!

Time flies when you’re focused! I quickly scan the room and check with the other designers and we head off for lunch.



Lunch: 12 pm – 1:30 pm


Around our office, there are plenty of great restaurants in the area. Everything from Indian curry to Hamburgers and of course, traditional Korean options. The best thing about lunch at Retrica? It’s free!Retrica covers all lunch expenses up to ₩15,000 ($14) If you find yourself at the office late, they’re also happy to chip in to make sure you’re well fed before going home.

Fun Fact #2: If you’re feeling sleepy in the morning or just after a little too much lunch, don’t worry! Retrica also provide unlimited free coffee and snacks!




Work: 2 pm – 7 pm

As our submission deadline approaches, you can feel the intensity building. Before a new product launch, I’m usually busy making final adjustments so I don’t have time to be nervous.  After final checks with the development team, we are ready to go!

The team gathers and we all hit ‘submit’ together. It’s always the result of hard work and teamwork that makes these updates come together.






Commute Home: 8:00 pm

After the update goes live and is being downloaded by hundreds of thousands of Retricans all over the world, it’s time to head home. While the subway is the best option in the morning, I choose to take the bus home from Samseong Station. The reason being is that I like to sneak in an extra hour of sleep on the bus ride home and skip the busy subway!







I hope that this was an interesting insight as to what goes on behind the scenes at Retrica. If you’d like more information or have any specific questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me here at info@retrica.co


If you’re a server developer, android developer, image processing developer, or an aspiring regional manager and you like the culture we described above, apply today

*Subway image thanks to larkspurlazuli on flickr