Hey Retricans!

It continues to be an exciting time to be on Retrica! Discover has been positively bursting with selfies, videos and gifs from across the world. As we continue to grow, the questions have been rolling in, mainly about the #Featured user feed.  Some of the most frequent questions we have received are: “How do I grow my Retrica profile?” and “How do I get featured?”

While there is no sure way to hit the #Featured feed, here are some tips to take your Retrica profile to the next level and give you the best chance of making the Featured list.  

#1 Be active!

Give yourself the best chance to succeed! That means creating and posting a lot of content.

These days, it’s common to scroll or tap through hundreds and hundreds of photos, videos, and other pieces of media a day. So, don’t be afraid to take and upload a morning bus commute photo, ice latte gif, lunchtime selfie, and 20 second dinner video review.

When people look at your profile, they’re much more likely to tap follow if they are met with pages of interesting content and not just three or four images posted randomly over the last few months.

#2 Develop your Theme

When building your profile on Discover, think about what it’ll look like to people visiting for the first time. One thing to try is to experiment with the same 3-4 filters for a week. Eventually, your profile will develop a distinct image and really stand out from the crowd.

For example, if you really love coffee, try to make a coffee post once a day along with your regular posts. You’ll start to attract like minded Retricans, and soon you’ll have a bustling community of coffee loving friends to share content with!

#3 Interact

Now that social media has become the collective term for ‘the internet’ it’s time to be…well…social!

If you didn’t know already, it’s possible to see who is sending you the most likes by tapping the ‘likes’ on your profile. If you notice someone new moving up the charts, why not send some love back their way? Liking other people’s content, making a sign or using on screen text to directly address a friend is a great way to build your network on Retrica.

#4 Use Retrica’s Tools

There are so many tools at your disposal on Retrica and we love to see you use them! There are now hundreds of sticker and stamp options for you to add a finishing touch to your latest post.

If you’re feeling a little more creative, the doodle option lets you show off your artistic skills and create your own artwork over any selfie you take with Retrica.

#5 GIF is In! 


Boost your profile with some GIFs! They are easy to make but the result is super cool. Check out Sam and Steve, two of our developers, having some stuff with the GIF function.

GIFs will make your profile more dynamic, try them out!


Retrica Discover has brought people together from all over the world and with it, an insight into hundreds of millions of lives. We hope that with these tips, your Retrica profile will be an even more interesting insight into what makes you unique.

See you soon, featured-users-to-be!

– Team Retrica